Brooks Bell

Redesigning the original experimentation consultancy.


Brooks Bell


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Brooks Bell is an experimentation consultancy that helps the most recognizable organizations across North America become hyper customer centric. Dash was engaged to reimagine their brand and website to be representative of who they are today.

To reliably and truthfully represent Brooks Bell, we began by immersing our team fully in the company’s daily activities in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina. During our discovery, we determined two core operational functions and foundations of the company that would guide all design decisions — creativity and science. Through carefully crafted visual and interactive design, we married the two to be attractively juxtaposed and consistently represented throughout all new digital and physical materials.

Our teams worked collaboratively to simplify their service offerings and organize content into filterable sections, which were personalized to individuals searching for Brooks Bell's services and expertise. We developed a systematic and truly atomized design system to allow for internal experimentation without limits in their new digital property.